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To set the stage ... Buyers of my new ebook were sent an email to pick up their free copy of the Second Edition. I issued a user name and password to download it. Several people wrote and told me they absolutely could NOT make the download work.

I had reminded them to copy and paste the words in to be sure they were correct - and to be sure there were no spaces before, or after, the words. I suppose it's possible the server was overloaded since I sent so many Second Edition emails at once.

I was pulling my hair out, since every time I tried, everything worked fine. Finally, one of our members wrote:

Hi jl,

I discovered the problem.

When you put the cursor in the user name or password box, the text "user name” or “password" disappears. But, when you right click to paste, the text reappears and even though your pasted text is in the box, it does not work.

You have to put cursor in box and press Control V. Works fine.

Don Shickle

So, one lesson is: when entering user names and passwords to download a product, remember to use Control V rather than right-clicking the mouse to paste.

I discussed it with Chuck (my iCop Hosting partner and techie). Then, we started asking what browsers some of those who had trouble were using. Yep - you guessed it! As far as we went, we found Internet Explorer (IE) was used in every problem case. Mostly IE 8.

For 11 years, I've tried to convince folks NOT to use IE! Over those years, the reasons have varied. But, the bottom line is - those who use it have the most problems - of all kinds.

Part of the time, the user's security is set WAY too high. No one believes in security more than I, but after a certain point, it's all redundant. You're either secure - or you're not.

And, after all that, you're probably NOT. You can pick up viruses and junk with IE, you won't get with other browsers. Then, you can't download something you BOUGHT! Sheeeez!

Other times, it simply can't do the job, and/or it takes your choices away from you. It's similar to AOL for being proprietary - and full of nonsense.

Mozilla has ALWAYS made the best browsers! I even figured that out for myself soon after I stopped using AOL, back in the Stone Age.

Now, as of July 2010, Firefox is used by 31% of users. And IE is only being used by 51%. Praise the Lord! I do NOT like some of Firefox's add-ons. But, others are cool, and some are fabulous!

Tips and Resources

Things to Know

I received the following email:

I just noticed that Firefox has a new add-on. It's called Browser Highlighter. It highlights words on your website, and when you mouse over it, it pops up a window with advertising in it. When you click on the ad, it takes you to the website of the advertiser; it takes the viewer to a page off your site. In other words, it hijacks your viewer and makes it look like it is part of your site.

I find this not only wrong, but highly unethical to the extreme. I found it wrong years ago when someone else did it, at which time many website owners were screaming to the high heavens about it. I haven't heard anyone complaining about it yet, but believe it is only because it is not been brought to anyone's attention.

What are your beliefs about this?

Robert Morris

First, although I thoroughly dislike this type of thing, there's a difference in this and what they were doing a few years ago. Technically, this one is permission-based. The other wasn't.

I asked my partner in iCop Hosting, Chuck Mattice, if he knew anything about it. Turns out, Chuck had fallen heir to this through Skype. He wrote:

Yeah, didn't know how I got it until I read:

I have removed it, It originally hit my browser when I added the Skype add-on.

It can be disabled by going to "Tools" - “Add-ons” - scrolling to it, then, disabling it. It can also be removed. Firefox does not add this; it has to be downloaded.


Net Neutrality

The subject of Net Neutrality has been around for a while. But, it's coming close to a decision by our U.S. Congress.

This will decide whether the big ISPs can control what is seen in the browsers of their customers. Of course, the lobbyists for AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are going crazy with it.

They do not want the public to keep control of their browsers! And, right now, they seems to be winning!

Worst case scenario is ...

If we don't get Net Neutrality, the day may come where you will have to pay these giants to have your web site shown at all! That's in addition to them telling you what you can, and cannot view.

As with anything that's been around for a while, lots of myths have arisen around the subject.

I STRONGLY suggest every reader become familiar with these 10 myths - and the reality. It is all well explained here:

Business Tip

"CEO of WHAT?"

I once became quite upset with the Executive Vice President of a bank. An iCop member was speaking with him regarding her new business. The business is a sole proprietorship - so she was wondering what title to give herself.

Again, her company is a sole-proprietorship. She is not incorporated! Yet, the V.P. told her to use the titles, "President and CEO."


This lady is very serious about her business and was seeking information on a number of things. She didn't need this kind of bad advice!

This is a good question for everyone, however, since titles are so misused online by people trying to throw their importance around. I am underwhelmed and unimpressed with it. Good grief! Who cares? Don't these people know how that makes them look to anyone who is business savvy?

Please don't make yourself look unprofessional in your online business by using phony titles! "CEO" (Chief Executive Officer) and "President" indicate an organization which has formal officers. The President may, or may not, be the CEO.

If your business is not incorporated, with formal officers of the corporation listed - don't use them! Even a Limited Liability Company (LLC) does not have officers.

In your role as a consumer - look at the company name. Is it followed by, "Inc." or one of the other indications of incorporation?

If not, and the sales pitch is signed by a "CEO" or "President" - you're dealing with someone who is either trying to convince you their company is something it is not - or someone who doesn't have much knowledge of the real business world.

There is nothing wrong with, "Owner." At least it's honest!

Computer Stuff

That Messy Desktop

When is the last time you really looked at your desktop? What is all that crap?

I suddenly realized all the space around the photo I have in the center of my desktop is completely full. I started looking and have NO idea what some of it is - or why on the Earth I would keep it on the desktop!

In my case, I made categorized folders and started shoving stuff in them. That does not mean I'll look at the files when I have time. I just told myself that.

Eventually, they're going to hit the recycle bin - and good riddance. If you don't open something right away to, at least, scan it - chances are, you never will.

A Couple of Freebies

When I'm working, I open so many windows you'd think I was trying to open the entire Web. And, the more I open, the slower my computer moves.

I use the Firefox browser - and love it. So, I was delighted to find someone had heard my screams. They gave us the BarTab addon - which I love even more!

When I open a whole pile of tabs, BarTab freezes any loading. The tab will only load when I actually click on it. I can open all the tabs I want. But, I only use system resources when I'm actually looking at them.

Now, I have even more speed on this bloody computer! Get it here:

The second thing I have for you to today is only available to those who read the email version of this newsletter.

If you're reading the blog, you can subscribe to the email version using the link at the right and get today's copy. It will get you all the free stuff I find.

And, no, I don't put it all on iCop's Extreme Freebie Page. I always mean to, but I have the attention span of a gnat. Once I give it to subscribers, I forget all about it unless I'm using it.

Today's software makes screenshots for you that look extremely professional. It also has a whole list of great features.

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