Online Security

"IE has a BIG Security Flaw"

The article I'm going to link to here was posted on September 17th.

Microsoft Corp warned a newly discovered bug in its Internet Explorer web browser makes PCs vulnerable to attack by hackers.

Since then, IE HAS come out with an upgrade that should fix the problem. If you use the Internet Explorer browser, and haven't downloaded and installed the newest IE browser, be sure to do it ASAP.

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Email and Scams

"Listen UP!"

I've been saying this repeatedly ... now, here's the PROOF!

"An overwhelming 77 percent of all consumers surveyed prefer to receive promotional messages from companies via email compared to five percent who prefer text messages and four percent who prefer Facebook. Email is also one of the most utilized apps on every smartphone - right up there with the phone, text messaging and the browser itself."

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"Avoid 4 Common Internet Scams"

In the latest issue of the magazine warns about some recent popular online scams that can steal your money, identity, or damage your computer. Here are four they mentioned, along with advice on avoiding them …

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Online Business Success

"Top 10 List"

What does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur, and how should an entrepreneur define success?

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"Facebook Studio Edge"

Facebook Studio Edge is a set of learning courses designed to teach you how to get more out of your Facebook marketing. The program consists of 10-15 minute courses focused on specific topics, such as apps, pages and ads.

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We Need to Fix This

"When Online Friends Pass"

Many of us have worked online for years. And, over those years, we have managed to develop many lasting friendships with other online business people and our readers. Often, we even talk on the phone or using Skype.

Over time, because we all get older and/or stuff happens, people pass out of this life into the next. I've lost several friends over the 15 years I've been online.

My most recent loss was Ron Rink. He was highly intelligent, had led a fascinating life and was great fun. Ron could always make me laugh.

We had been good friends for years – and he leaves a great hole in my online life. I knew he was terminally ill for about a year, but that doesn't make things any easier.

He told me a few weeks ago that it looked like he was coming into the home stretch. Then … nothing. I had no way of knowing if he was too ill to write or if he had passed. I finally checked Google for an obituary – and found it.

Which brings me to the point ...

As mentioned before, I've lost many good friends online. If you work online, you most likely have the same situation of making close online friends. These friends are just as real as our off-line friends. And, I'm NOT talking about Facebook friends, here!

The problem is, I wonder if our families are aware that we care about people we work with online just as if we were in office building. Or, do they think our online friends aren't “real” people?

In only a couple of instances have I been notified by a good friend's family that they have left our world. I'm usually left knowing only that they have disappeared until I track it down, or “hear” about it, later.

Of course, I have no way of knowing how many people keep passwords on their computers. Maybe more than I think since I don't bother. But, barring a computer being “locked,” it would be easy enough to access a person's email list – or, even address book – and notify friends and business associates of a family member's passing. In fact, even looking through the email would turn up those who are closest to the deceased.

When we go, our family provides an obituary and lets off-line friends know about services for us. Why is it different with online friends?

I suggest that online business people simply don't always think to leave instructions with our families.

We should rectify that.

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