The Rant that Wasn't

"Why are We Surprised?"

I'm sure you're expecting a HUGE rant on the latest news that the U.S. National Security Agency is collecting and recording billions of phone calls a day along with video chat, voice chat, videos, photos, stored data, VoIP, file transfers, video conferencing, notifications of target activity, online social networking details and special requests of all U.S. citizens.

It's come out that they are mining this data from as many as 50 different companies, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo! Microsoft, Apple, Skype, AOL, credit rating agencies and ISPs. Allegedly. As far as the individual companies are concerned - it remains to be seen.

The reason I haven't had a seizure over it is that it's old news to me. This started back during the Bush administration when Bush forced the Patriot Act on us. It was stated at that time they can do anything they want with our communications - without warrants.

Didn't anyone believe him? I knew right then it was being put into play practically as they said it. So, why is everyone surprised when it comes to light seven years later?

I always stand in awe of selective memory. Was everyone too busy keeping up with the Kardashians to pay attention?

Computers are amazing things that have changed our lives in many ways: some in fabulous ways, some not so much. But, I have, more often than I'd like to admit, suspected these high tech machines would eventually be the downfall of all humankind. The human species has a way of taking things that can be used for amazing good, and turning them into weapons of destruction!

I fail to understand why anyone is surprised. When someone tells us they have the power to do something, we should BELIEVE they are going to do it!

Obama promised to get rid of the Patriot Act. He didn't do it. That, in itself, should have told us he also planned to use it. So, we can't even blame this on anyone. In fact, now Obama is channeling Bush saying we have to make choices between privacy and security. That shut everyone up last time - maybe this time we'll hear what a crappy excuse it is.

Bush is a half-wit criminal who was the perfect puppet. [MY opinion] Obama is an idealistic, ego-maniac who sadly believed he was smart enough to change Washington. [Also MY opinion]

Neither one was in charge, but they didn't find that out until after they are elected.

And, if the rest of us need any "proof" that this country is NOT run by ANY administration, here it is! It's all the same - Democrat or Republican.

"The Atlantic" has a GREAT article on the truth of all this. It bears reading all the way through!

The Atlantic

Extreme Freebies

New Stuff!"

Last week, I spent some time on the Chamber's “Extreme Freebies” page. I only had to pull a couple of links that were no good, but I also added some new ones.

I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with that page. I probably hadn't even looked at it since I made it. There's hardly anything you need to do for your own web site that you won't find the tools for on that page.

It's also full of things those who are not running an online business will find useful. With almost 100 resources, there's something for everyone. I would really suggest you bookmark that page!

Freebie Page

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