"Spammers Get Green Light"

This was sent to me a couple of months ago and, somehow, got lost in the shuffle. It needs to be heeded by online web site owners, though!

Google has basically given spammers a green light to spam their competitors with backlinks.

Check it out here

"A Different Option"

I've been very unhappy with Google search results for quite some time, now. When I want information, I want the links returned to me that are helpful to ME rather than Google!

The reason people only bother to look at the first page of results with Google is that, by half way down the page, Google is giving you irrelevant links to your query!

But, last week, I stumbled upon a search engine I didn't know existed. Now, if I put in “Maltese Dogs,” I get pages and pages of web sites only about Maltese dogs.

We've gotten so used to Google, we think this is the way all search engines work. Not true! This one still works as SEs were intended to work.

Check it out! (Don't let the simplicity and silly name fool you.) I LOVE this thing!


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more Google drawbacks

I ran across news Google is also gearing towards PAID only search results. Meaning, if you want to be in the search results, you must pay...no surprise, really, if it is true.

I've also noticed my own sites that USED to get majority of hits from Google traffic, have not received a single hit from Google in past 3-4 weeks (possibly longer).

I stopped using Google search long ago and only use Bing, but, that isn't always great, either. So, glad to hear of other options! Thanks!

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