That Messy Desktop

When is the last time you really looked at your desktop? What is all that crap?

I suddenly realized all the space around the photo I have in the center of my desktop is completely full. I started looking and have NO idea what some of it is - or why on the Earth I would keep it on the desktop!

In my case, I made categorized folders and started shoving stuff in them. That does not mean I'll look at the files when I have time. I just told myself that.

Eventually, they're going to hit the recycle bin - and good riddance. If you don't open something right away to, at least, scan it - chances are, you never will.

A Couple of Freebies

When I'm working, I open so many windows you'd think I was trying to open the entire Web. And, the more I open, the slower my computer moves.

I use the Firefox browser - and love it. So, I was delighted to find someone had heard my screams. They gave us the BarTab addon - which I love even more!

When I open a whole pile of tabs, BarTab freezes any loading. The tab will only load when I actually click on it. I can open all the tabs I want. But, I only use system resources when I'm actually looking at them.

Now, I have even more speed on this bloody computer! Get it here:

The second thing I have for you to today is only available to those who read the email version of this newsletter.

If you're reading the blog, you can subscribe to the email version using the link at the right and get today's copy. It will get you all the free stuff I find.

And, no, I don't put it all on iCop's Extreme Freebie Page. I always mean to, but I have the attention span of a gnat. Once I give it to subscribers, I forget all about it unless I'm using it.

Today's software makes screenshots for you that look extremely professional. It also has a whole list of great features.

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Messy Desktop

jl, that article hit a homerun!

Over the years, I've saved thousands of interesting/valuable stuff to my desktop, knowing that I'd either never find them again or forget them for sure if I allowed the 'computer' to park them somewhere. Each one adds another icon to the desktop, of course, and when there's no more visible space, they go off to the side somewhere. So I tried all kinds of tricks to keep track - folders on the desktop named "Must Read", "Word Docs to read", "PDF to read", "iCop-stuff", etc.

Soon had so many folders I made a master folder named "A-Z" with sub-folders named "A", "B", etc.

That helped a little. Now the problem is finding/taking the time to sort through and cleanup the clutter.

Usually leads to asking myself why I even saved a lot of that stuff in the first place.

RichardP, sharing safe family fun stuff at

Messy Desktop

Oh, my goodness, Richard! You must be a worse pack rat than I am! Funny - I would never think of saving real "stuff" like that, but I think I have to save every piece of virtual junk. But, after reading your system, I don't feel so bad. I never had to use double folders! LOL ;-) jl

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