"CEO of WHAT?"

I once became quite upset with the Executive Vice President of a bank. An iCop member was speaking with him regarding her new business. The business is a sole proprietorship - so she was wondering what title to give herself.

Again, her company is a sole-proprietorship. She is not incorporated! Yet, the V.P. told her to use the titles, "President and CEO."


This lady is very serious about her business and was seeking information on a number of things. She didn't need this kind of bad advice!

This is a good question for everyone, however, since titles are so misused online by people trying to throw their importance around. I am underwhelmed and unimpressed with it. Good grief! Who cares? Don't these people know how that makes them look to anyone who is business savvy?

Please don't make yourself look unprofessional in your online business by using phony titles! "CEO" (Chief Executive Officer) and "President" indicate an organization which has formal officers. The President may, or may not, be the CEO.

If your business is not incorporated, with formal officers of the corporation listed - don't use them! Even a Limited Liability Company (LLC) does not have officers.

In your role as a consumer - look at the company name. Is it followed by, "Inc." or one of the other indications of incorporation?

If not, and the sales pitch is signed by a "CEO" or "President" - you're dealing with someone who is either trying to convince you their company is something it is not - or someone who doesn't have much knowledge of the real business world.

There is nothing wrong with, "Owner." At least it's honest!

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