Not making the money you'd like to with your web site? This might be a good time of year to look it over carefully.

Not only are the following god-awful irritating - these situations will never get my money. And, probably won't get much of it from other people, either.

For Instance ...

Don't ask me to "sign in" in order to take a look. You want a user name and password before I even buy or join anything? WHY? I'm not going to do it. I'm GONE.

A friend told me not long ago that he couldn't seem to access a site properly. He sent an email asking for a solution. The reply? He was to open his browser options and make changes!

WHAT? He had to set his options in a certain way just for this site? I don't think so! I'd pass. I'm GONE.

Then, we have the sites with code that won't work in all browsers. And, why would that site owner not make sure the site works in all versions? Guess they don't want the business. I'm GONE.

Flash presentations. Forget them. Unless, of course, you're more interested in showing off your artistic abilities than in selling product.

I never wait for a flash presentation to load. Same thing for a page taking 10 minutes to load over-blown graphics. I'm GONE.

Don't talk to me without my permission. And, spare me your pitiful acting and lack of education in delivery. If I wanted to watch an infomercial, I'd watch TV. Give me a button where I can choose to watch/listen, or I'm GONE.

And, of course, a lot of mis-spelled or mis-used words will turn me off immediately. People who don't have sense enough to have their sites proof-read aren't the people I want to do business with. An editor is called for on all web sites - even if it's your brother!

You'd NEVER get a book or article published off-line without an editor proof-reading, and maybe editing, it. Apparently, a lot of people don't even know they are mis-using words. I'm GONE!

Bottom Line ...

Don't tell me what I have to do to have the privilege of viewing your web site. Don't tell me I have to set a browser a certain way - use a particular browser - sign in - wait for your S-L-O-W flash show - or huge graphics to load - listen to stuff I can read faster or overlook your many mistakes. I WON'T.

You make your web site fit whatever browser I want to use - set however I want it set - and don't waste my time. I am the visitor. Do it my way - or you lose!

Why? 'Cause, I might have been your customer ... but, now, I'm GONE!

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WebSites that Don't Work

Right On, jl. You hit the bullseye on so many website/web business faults, I feel certain that there are many of my followers and subscriber who could benefit from your post. I'd like to pass it on to them, fully attributed, of course, with our permission.
If you agree, may I use your Bio as posted below? Thanks in advance.

RichardP, sharing safe family fun stuff at

Donna_Maher's picture

I so agree with your rant!

I'm not sure how he makes his millions a year, but I know of a top marketer that I like as a person, too... but nearly all of his websites want you to shell out your email and name just to SEE the sales letter. NOPE! I'm with you jl... if AFTER I see the product and it's price, THEN I might consider signing up for his/her ezine! NOT just to be able to view something I *might* purchase for Pete's sake!

Also about the flash presentations... on a slow connection, it's AGONY for the visitor to wait, and wait, and wait... so again, I'm gone too.

It's so easy to optimize your graphics, and it's free if you don't know how using your own graphics programs. Here's a link to one such example (to 'crunch' .jpgs & .gifs)

One caveat, however, is make sure you look at the image after you crunch it... so it's still attractive and not fuzzy or blurry, as that isn't good either for your web visitors viewing and/or forming an opinion of your site's presentation.

Ok, I'll hush now... thanks for some super website tips. Always enjoy your rants!

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