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Get the tools you need to protect against the ruthless army of on-line fraudsters out to get you. The feedback was so good, they’re doing it again – and, they’re even improved it!

"Preventing E-Commerce Credit Card Fraud" is the first Webinar training program designed to help you navigate the fraud-infested minefield of on-line credit card commerce.

This information-packed 75-minute Webinar will help you defend against the growing on-line credit card fraud threat:

  • Who the E-Commerce "fraudsters" are and how they steal your money
  • How to spot the tell-tale signs of fraudulent E-Commerce transactions — before it’s too late
  • Fraud prevention secrets the credit card companies don’t tell you
  • Proven methods to verify suspicious Internet credit card orders
  • How to prevent most fraudulent chargebacks and reverse those you can’t
  • Best sources of up-to-the-minute fraud prevention information

Your Presenters:

* Tom Mahoney, Founder and CEO, Merchant 911 — the only Web resource devoted exclusively to protecting E-merchants against credit card fraud

* Peter Goldmann, MSc., CFE, President, White-Collar Crime 101, publishers of White-Collar Crime Fighter newsletter and providers of FraudAware® detection, prevention and investigation training.

Date: June 30, 2010
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:15PM Eastern (GMT-5)

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