I'm going to write about a couple of things I may get some flack for. Not that I care. I've given this a LOT of thought and I'm sure I'm right in these areas. I'm also sure it affects everyone in my country - and maybe other countries, too.

Before I start, I'd like to caution you not to jump to any conclusions about my motives.

I am not a Republican
I am not a Democrat
I am not a Libertarian
I am not a “Tea Partier”

I am an Independent, and I lean towards being a Liberal - although I prefer to call it Progressive.

I once had a Philosophy professor who said I was a “pragmatic contextualist.” He said I held a worldview that based my decisions on what is practical to get the job done within the context of each individual situation.

He was right. I don't depend upon religious doctrine, political philosophies, media positions or, sometimes, even laws to decide what's the right thing to do.

When I took the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), I was found to be almost perfectly, evenly divided between left-brain and right-brain.

Now, that keeps me from ever being extraordinary. You would need to lean way into left-brain operation to be a real scholar. And, you'd need to lean way into right-brain operation to be extremely creative. I am neither. But, I AM balanced.

That means, I sometimes agree with the Conservatives as well as leaning toward Liberalism. And, I believe every situation warrants its own evaluation.

Now, having said all that - I hope you'll realize, the rest of this is simply for what I see as for the good of our country, our businesses and our lives.

It has nothing to do with politics, so please spare me the bitching.

A project is afoot to take the four largest banks down to where they cannot be considered “too big to fail.” Never mind where it came from - it's a great idea!

In fact, I said it myself before I ever heard it anywhere else. But, nobody was listening to me. ;-)

I've said before, WE are the answer to this economic mess, since we can no longer depend on our governments. And, this is something only we, as the general public, can do.

We need to take to power away from Wall Street and give it to our local businesses!

The idea is to stop doing business with the following banks: Citigroup, Bank of America Corp., J. P. Morgan Chase & Company and Wells Fargo & Company. These are the banks that received the biggest taxpayer bailouts, then used them to pay enormous bonuses to their top executives.

However, the main idea is to move our money and financial business to small community banks. Just 10 banks control 90% of the market and the top three - Citibank, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase - control a whooping 63%!

It's easy enough to check your community banks' financial status. You can do that online. Better yet, stop by and pick up their printed financial statements. Grab a brochure, too, so you can compare pricing on fees.

While you're there, talk to someone. See if you can remember what it's like to know the people you do business with!

Have I done it? Yep, I have. I have one account left to yank away from one of them, but I have to make a couple of other changes, first. I am also transferring the balances away from every credit card I have with any of them.

Most community banks and credit unions also issue credit cards. We do NOT have to put up with the thieving tactics of the big banks on our credit cards! If this situation continues as is - and it appears as though it will - we have only ourselves to blame. Because we can do something to take them down!

Here's a great article to help you change banks so it isn't overwhelming if you have automatic deposits, automated payments, recurring debit card transactions, etc.


Next Subject

I don't usually ask people to sign petitions to the government. In fact, when I have something to say, I usually go right to the White House website - www.whitehouse.gov/CONTACT/ - not that it does any good. But, I feel better!

But, I want to draw your attention to this important petition:

"Tell President Obama: Due To Economic Crisis, We Demand Rebuilding The Decaying U.S. Infrastructure Now!" (as has been promised!)


I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes just a few seconds of your time.

It's (past) time that guy did what he promised. Maybe this will push him forward - maybe not. But, again, we have no one to blame but ourselves if we continue to just sit here on our thumbs and do nothing.

Jobs will do more to bring us out of this mess than anything else. And, there is NO excuse for our country allowing bridges, levies, etc. to crumble!

Let's see, now, what was that about Nero fiddling while Rome burned? What were the people doing? Dancing?

Of course, these projects to take our power back will take many more than those reading these words. Please pass it around to everyone you know!

As soon as we recognize and act on our power, we'll take it away from the political whores and imbeciles in Washington!

Join the Conversation


Apathy, of course, has been and always will be America's greatest problem. That's why the latest polls shows a huge percentage of Americans want ALL incumbents voted out of office, but 51% believe their Congress person is okay. They don't really want ALL of 'em voted out, just everybody else's.

I agree with the bank change idea. Haven't done it yet, but it's on the list.

And, I really like these political discussions.

Donna_Maher's picture

Changing banks

Three of the four you mentioned are either my bank or my credit card holders... and they KNOW it's a PITA to change and I'm quite certain that they *bank* on that fact!

Chase is among the WORST for credit card holders, they will absolutely NOT work with you regarding interest rate changes or payment plans. I know this from experience. I would NEVER recommend them!

And banks all know how darned much trouble it is to change all your bill-pay data over to a new bank, and to change software (most all of them are different and take time to learn their navigation & quirks) AND you have at least 200 more checks to cut up beyond recognition, along with a plethora of other time-consuming woes.

I had been with Wachovia nearly a decade when Wells Fargo bought them out, so now that one has become a "big bank" account by default, too.

Presently, I'm living in Mexico, so it would be nearly impossible for me to switch over to a local credit union in the Fl. town where my mom lives (and is my mailing address).

I did do a little research about "local" banking here and found some scary posts in the forums about the absence of the account protection we take for granted in the USA.

So, I'm in a quandary about making a big change like that now... although I may look into doing it in person when I go back to visit grandbabies & my children & mom & sisters, as soon as I can arrange a trip back!

As always, thank you jl, for digging deeply into things that many of us blithely choose to ignore until you make it come alive in OBTJ!

Just one of the many reasons I'm a fan of yours!!

PS: Found this a couple of hours later so am adding to this comment:

Download the free 10-pg report on the 100 Safest Banks here:


Hope it helps a few!

Changing Banks

Ah - good bank information to have! Now, if folks will just use these comments to see it, they'll start t see the value of it. ;-)

I agree that it's a bit of a PITA to move all our banking business away from the biggest banks. But, if we don't put in the effort, well, the precedent has now been set. They will continue to loot the U.S. Treasury forevermore.

jl scott, ph.d., Director: Chamber of Commerce - on the Web

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Action is a vote

Good stuff.

Moving an account from a less savory institution to one more savory is a vote against the first and for the last.

Like governmental elections, one vote by itself makes little difference, but many votes create a new reality in the world we live in.

Waiting for other votes before personally voting will result in a better understanding of the word "waiting." And perhaps "frustration." But that's about it.

What does have an effect is to do it. Then, telling friends and neighbors what you did and why you did it.

That is world changing.


We build software for web sites.

Action is a Vote

I just wish this message could get out to the entire country. I truly believe in "voting with the feet" as well as at the polls.

I know it takes a bit of effort to stop doing any business with the big banks, but it can be done. At this point, I think it's worth any effort on all our parts.

If WE - the citizens - would get pro-active, the government would have no choice but to follow, lobbyist money, or not.


jl scott, ph.d., Director: Chamber of Commerce - on the Web

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Naming names

I agree with you completely. One must pick their battles if they want to win the war.

My online stalker gave up after the police contacted her, and she was told to quit writing about me.

I have always been one to look at programs and write about what is wrong with them. Then this psychopath starts writing to the world that I am a con artist and a scammer. What's up with that?

My track record should speak for itself, but as with small town gossip, Internet gossip is never investigated for truth. It is taken as gospel.

So, before you go namin' names, make sure your facts are solid and be careful of what you say. You could be wrong about what you think is the truth and that will hurt someone.

The person who attacked me and my credibility did it for the sole purposed of preventing me from earning a living. They stalked me online, joined all the social groups I belonged to and contacted my friends and associates to spread lies.

The scariest part of it all is that this person has assumed my life. That is to say, she is modeling her life after mine. She claims that I am evil, but does her level best to imitate me.

Evidently, I inspired her to become a writer. Bully for me.

I did fight back and got virtually nowhere. First I reacted, then I ACTED.

She's not writing about me anymore, but the damage has been done.

She still tells the people in my town that she is going to bury me. I still can't figure out how though. There is no dirt.

I gave up this battle; it was robbing me of my time, energy and sanity.

Trina L.C. Sonnenberg
Freelance Commercial writer

Naming Names

Yep - the trick is to pick your battles. Go easy at first until you see what kind of response you get. With this one, I would have cut her off by completely ignoring her pretty quickly. When she doesn't get a response, there's no point in continuing.

jl scott, ph.d., Director: Chamber of Commerce - on the Web

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