Since iCop put up a blog, I've been looking at other blogs pretty critically. Blogs have changed over the years since they started.

Originally, they were used as something like a journal: a place to write personal thoughts, feeling and opinions. In some respects, they still are.

When a blog is strictly a personal thing, I can understand not providing contact information. Comments can be made on the blog.

However, when a blog is used as a marketing tool, the same rules apply as with a marketing website. Contact information is mandatory. A Privacy Statement in mandatory. All legal documents used on a business website also need to be used on a business blog - also mandatory.

I wonder why I need to say this! It's just a matter of common sense!

Yet, I find the blogs of some iCop members that don't display the iCop seal. Why? Well, I imagine it's because the blog doesn't follow iCop guidelines - and wouldn't get approved.

Today, MOST blogs are nothing more than a different kind of website. iCop members: please bring your blogs up to iCop standards and get the seal on them. Are you an iCop member, or not?

Any blog that sells anything needs to be treated like any other marketing website.

And, lastly, ALL blogs should have their articles dated! When I'm reading about something that's happened, I'd sure appreciate knowing whether it happened last week or five years ago. BIG difference in the readers' perception!

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I get asked to view and give feedback on quite a lot of business blogs as a proofreader / editor and I totally agree with you, jl - contact information is a MUST on business blogs, just as it is on business web pages! That is one of the first tips I give business bloggers who ask me for feedback and then I usually go on to mention what needs fixed, if simple spelling and grammar errors or if more complicated editing is needed, remind them that this is what I do.

As for the date of a blog post, it makes sense TO date them- as you say, how else will you know how new and up-to-date or old and most likely moot the information is if there is not a date on the post?

Great issue today, by they way, let's keep on keepin' on!

Jan :-)


I wonder how many of us it would take to get that message to all blog owners? It all seems to be a very slow process!

:-) jl

jl scott, ph.d., Director: Chamber of Commerce - on the Web

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