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"Put Broadcast Media on Notice"

Have you noticed how difficult it is to get “real” information from the broadcast media regarding the upcoming presidential elections in the USA? Everything is slanted, and much of it is outright lies.

This is bad enough while trying to choose the Republican nominee, but it will be even more problematic when the election process is in full swing.

It's time (actually it's past time) to put broadcasters on notice:

"The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has launched a new era of big-money politics. The wealthiest 1 percent now have unchecked power to pick and choose our nation’s leaders. And they’re doing it by spending tens of millions of dollars on televised political ads that leave voters awash in misinformation.

So where’s the broadcast media in all of this? Instead of exposing this runaway spending and separating fact from fiction in an election year, they’re lining their pockets with the winnings — to the tune of more than $3 billion dollars in 2012 ad buys."

Put the largest TV conglomerates on notice. Demand that broadcasters expose the money trail and cover election-year issues properly!

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"Browsers and Privacy Issues "

Internet Explorer (IE) full of security holes – always has been. There's no need to even discuss it. Don't use it.

Firefox started off great. But, over time, it got heavy and slow. It seems every upgrade made it more difficult to use. Lately, it's gotten a little better. But if, like me, you're a serious internet user – and don't have time to fool around with it - it simply has too many toys.

Chrome is fast. It's also the most secure. They actually have “hacker competitions” and Chrome is the only browser that leaves those competitions untouched. Unfortunately (for those who care) it's made by Google.

Which brings us to the newest online uproar – Google's new privacy settings. Google is consolidating all their various privacy settings to one setting that will work across all their platforms.

In my opinion, it's much ado about nothing.

It all comes down to Google's tracking policies. So, I'd like to point out – there's nothing new about that! Google has been tracking us all for years! Nothing new there.

You may feel it makes you more vulnerable to having hackers – or, if you're really paranoid, the government – get your information. Well, as I said, Google has tracked us for years and their security has been excellent.

So you want to avoid being tracked? Really not a big deal. Just don't sign in to Google. When you're logged out, your activity won't be associated with your user account.

I never sign in unless I'm actually working with Webmaster Tools or need to use Gmail. Google isn't doing this because they give a pig's wazoo what you're doing online.

They do it to make more money! They do it to attract more targeted advertising. The better they can target, the more they can charge their advertisers!

If you're concerned about what Google knows about you, just go over to Google's Dashboard and sign in. The dashboard gives you an overview of all your activity through Google.

It also provides links to adjust your settings, privacy and security for every Google service. When the new privacy policy takes effect, this page will be even simpler to use.

If you're concerned about the increase of targeted advertising, go to Google's Ad Preferences Manager: Google Ad Settings

It allows you to opt out of targeted ads when you're signed in and when you're signed out!

Yep – much ado ...

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The beginning of the year is a good time for me to remind you. The Web is full of resources for you to use - free of charge! Check these out and bookmark the page:

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Protect Your Web Site

"Are They Stealing Your Search Engine Traffic?"

I highly recommend this article by Will Bontrager. It begins:

"Your .htaccess file can be used to redirect traffic from search engines to a thief's web site.

If your site has been hacked in this way, then when someone finds you in a search engine and clicks on a link to go to your site, they are taken to the thief's site, instead.

The links in the search result go to your site, just like they're supposed to. But, your site redirects the visitor to the traffic thief's site."

As usual, Will gives you both the problem and the solution. Every online business owner - in fact, everyone who owns a web site needs to be aware of this!

Full article here:

How is This Possible?

"I'm Confused"

Have you wondered what in the world is going on with all the Christmas shopping, this year? We have the worst unemployment record we've had in 80 years, inflation is ridiculous, people are losing their homes every day, the food banks are having trouble keeping up with demand, and yet ...

  • Black Friday brick and mortar sales were up $1 Billion over 2010. Sales were the largest amount ever spent on that day.
  • We had a 24.3 percent increase in online spending on Black Friday.
  • Online sales reached $6 Billion the week after Thanksgiving - or "Cyber-week."
I understand that austerity measures get pretty damn old, after a while, and folks tend to break out. But, that doesn't explain the insane amounts of money being spent. Sure, the sale items are good - but, not that good.

It's good news for online business owners, but in no way does this mean the economy, overall, is getting better. You can't have 14 million folks out of work (and, those are just the ones still collecting unemployment benefits) and have any kind of economic recovery!

Millions more have outlived their benefits, and many have stopped looking for jobs that aren't there. Millions more have had their hours cut and/or their wages lowered.

So, where are these billions of dollars being spent coming from? Credit cards? How are all these folks still making their credit card payments?

Do people think this will stimulate the economy? Well, not if those credit cards aren't paid! And, even if they are, the money will just go to the top CEOs.

[As an aside - Goldman Sachs is spending $80 BILLION for bonuses this year!]

We didn't have this kind of spending back in the '90s when the economy was booming. Something is afoot here - and I don't know what it is! I don't have a clue!

I did wonder if millions of people are thinking this may very well be the last Christmas there's any chance of celebrating. Have that many folks bought into the "world will end on 12/21/12" claims? Really?

I think this is fascinating and I'm extremely interested in hearing your ideas! Come on, people, set me straight! What's going on?

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