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"Things to be Aware Of"

I don't know where August and even most of September have gone. I'm usually encouraging folks to get ready in August and blast off in September for the best selling season for online business. Things just got away from me in this goofy year.

So, I hope everyone spiffed up your web sites and are settling down to business. Hard, I know, with so many disasters all over the USA, but if we live here, we just have to keep on keepin' on. We aren't the only ones having hard times. It's all over the world.

In drought-stricken East Africa, over 29,000 children under the age of 5, have starved to death in southern Somalia in the past three months. The famine there is atrocious.

As you may know, Chamber of Commerce - on the Web™ supports ABC's "Be the Change: Save a Life" program. At the URL below, you'll find a list of organizations contributing to the relief efforts.

This is a horrible, horrible situation. It makes our problems look pretty puny. While our idiot politicians fight over funding relief efforts in the USA, we can help others who truly can NOT help themselves.

If you can, please help - even if it's just a little. We may have to rebuild, but these people are dying a horrible death!

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I'm going to skip the "Online Business" column this week. First, I haven't seen anything earthshaking going on. Second, I want to alert you to some other things that affect our very existence in THIS country. I beg the patience of those outside the USA. If these things aren't corrected, there won't BE any small businesses in the USA.

As most of you know, I am a pacifist. I do NOT believe in sending our youngsters (or anyone else) out to kill innocent people because their government pisses off OUR government.

I've always said, if we had a law that limited fighting in wars to men ages 45 and over, that would put a stop to it pretty damn quick. But, no - THEY want to sit back and pull the strings that kill our children while they make money from it hand over fist!

This does NOT mean I don't support our military. I do. I have several family members in the military. What I do NOT support is having our military out there killing people for no other reason than to make money for the military industrial complex!

But, I digress ... Now, it's all back to our Federal budget.

"Lockheed Martin's CEO wants your Social Security check."

Military contractors are spending millions to lobby the so-called "Super Committee" into saving their contracts by keeping the war budget intact. If the military contractors succeed in keeping the war budget intact, they'll likely do so at the expense of Social Security and Medicare.

That means money that would go to your Social Security or Medicare benefits will instead go into the hands of people like Lockheed Martin CEO Robert J. Stephens, who last year personally made $21.9 million, almost totally from taxpayer-funded military contracts.

Check it out - and have your say

I also encourage you to get involved with the work the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is doing to protect your right to choose which vaccines you want your children to receive, including the legal right to use all, some, or no vaccines at all.

With California's new law pending - which would give vaccines to children as young as 12 without parental knowledge or consent - this has become critical.

It's time we put a stop to these huge industries costing us our lives and our freedoms!

Get involved here

Let us know what you think in the "Comments."


Be the Change: Save a Life
War Costs
National Vaccine Information Center

Rant of the Week

"Facts to Know & What to DO!"

This both is - and is not - a political statement. It is NOT aimed at any one party or political philosophy. I'm just sick to death of what's going on in Washington, DC.

I apologize to my readers outside the USA, but I just feel this is necessary. And, I'm going to ask readers IN the USA to send this part of the newsletter to everyone you know.

These aren't conspiracy theories. These are ...


FACT:  The U.S. House & Senate have voted themselves raises at $4,700 in the House and $5,300 in the Senate. They vote their own raises a couple years in advance so they don't have to face it every year.

FACT:  Your Medicare premiums will go up $285.60 for the two years, and you will not get the 3% Cost of Living Allowance (COLA): $660/yr. Your total two year loss and cost is - $1,600 each or $3,200 for husband and wife.

FACT:  Over two years The House & Senate each get $10,000 raises.

FACT:  Will your cost of drugs - doctor fees - local taxes - food, etc., increase? You better believe they will!

FACT:  Will theirs? No way! They have a raise and better benefits.

FACT:  Have they created the promised jobs? NO!

FACT:  Have they brought our "used-to-be" jobs back from overseas? NO!

FACT:  Have they taken a single step to start the promised repairs of the infrastructure of this country? NO!

FACT:  Have they handed billions of dollars to the very companies that created this economic mess? YES!

FACT: The Deficit Commission wants to CUT Social Security to balance the budget - while they enjoy their private retirement programs. This after people have paid into it all their lives!

FACT:  Now, they are about to continue the tax cuts for the upper income brackets. Those taxes would PAY our deficit!

FACT:  When they leave office, they'll receive their perks for LIFE. That includes their salary, insurance and retirement! The only thing they won't get are their pay-offs from big business! That's a hell of a Golden Parachute!

Do You Feel Screwed?

Why care about you? You never did anything about it in the past. You're obviously too stupid or don't care. No offense; that's their attitude!

Do you really think there's a single person in Congress who cares about you?

FIRE the Bastards!

In 2010, you have a chance to get rid of the sitting Congress. That is: 1/3 of the Senate and 100% of the House.

Although he needs to go, too, don't blame it on the President! There is only one of him - and 535 members of Congress! We can throw out 468 of them, NOW!

Then, since he can't seem to keep his word about anything - not even about getting his girls a rescue dog - the President can go in 2012!

Put your attention where it needs to go NOW. Send the message to Congress ... "You're FIRED!"

Then, be sure you're still mad enough in November to tell their replacements not to screw up!

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