New Data Security Regulations

We just get past the deadline for compliance with new U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and something else rises up ...

The State of Massachusetts has passed a LAW imposing new minimum data security standards on companies that collect, store or transmit personal information concerning Massachusetts residents.

By October 1, 2010 similar requirements will be imposed for all customers by the credit card industry. But, right now, we need to deal with Massachusetts.

To be sure I don't misinform you, I would prefer you get the full information from a more official article here:

All these new rules are making folks wonder if they should even be in business on the Web. Yes! You should!

iCop members have always been required to adhere to regulatory agency guidelines. It's right there in our guidelines and always has been. I changed the wording a bit with the new regs, but it's nothing new.

Twitter has shown me how pitifully many people are out there still trying to make a killing with quick buck money-making schemes. They simply never end - and people just don't get it!

If you're going to have your own business - have it! Just follow the rules like you would down on Main Street. People have been doing it for generations.

Nobody ever said, "Here's the Internet, go out and do whatever you please with no regard for the law or ethical business practices!"

This is exactly what iCop has always been about: high online business ethics and excellent customer care! Now, finally, the Wild, Wild Web is being tamed. The crapola is on its way out. 'Bout bloody time!

Video Message from the President

Please be careful if you hear about this site. The information in the whois database doesn't look right. It is NOT the address for Network Solutions.

The .com email address doesn't bring up a page. The whois information on that domain is "iffy."

The site also shows a bad certificate. Please do NOT use this site.

I could be wrong but, if it's what I think it is, it's a VERY clever way to get every piece of personal information you have. NO site should be asking you to upload your personal documents!

Better safe than sorry!

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