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The biggest problem I've ever had with iCop has been the theft of our website copy and/or of the iCop seal.

People report unlinked seals to me all the time. I check and, sure enough, the seal has been stolen. Then, it's left to me to get it removed or allow some scum-bag thief to pretend to be an iCop member.

The website copy has also been pirated repeatedly. One jack-leg copied the entire iCop site word for word and started his own organization. Word for word! Some of them have sun-sized gonads!

Now, the question is ... Do you have the same problem? It, frankly, amazes me how many stupid, lazy, and downright lawless, people operate online. And, because the World Wide Web is so huge, it would make you gasp to know how many get away with using others people's material - and products - indefinitely.

What you write - or pay a copywriter to write - belongs to you. If other people are using it to make sales, you are losing money.

And what about your products? Products are stolen just as fast as copy. But, they'll be sold. Do not doubt - it happens every day.

Not only do these people steal money that belongs to you, if they've stolen your products, they're bound to hurt your reputation. There's certainly no reason to believe they would run an ethical business with stolen property.

Check it Out for Yourself

Take several sentences from your web site - or articles. Don't use, “See Jane run.” Use very original sentences. Put them (one at a time) in the Google window. Use quotation marks on both ends. See what comes up in Google.

Products are a little harder to find. So use key terms and phrases from your sales copy. Those will most likely be copied.

You might also check the websites of those who have bought your products. If you don't find anything today, you're one of the lucky ones. Sooner or later, nearly everyone has this theft problem.

If you do find your copyrighted copy, a product or graphic on someone else's website - what next? How do you get them to take it down? How do you get them thrown off the Web?

Well, you do what I do, and use the Intellectual Property Protection Plan software. I've used this thing so many times, I can't even count them.

I never hesitate, or think twice. As soon as I find something that belongs to me on someone else's website (without my permission) I go for their throats. I have no sympathy and I refuse to listen to piss-ant excuses. I only want one thing - take down my intellectual property! Now. No negotiation.

The Intellectual Property Protection Plan (IPPP) package consists of two parts:

  • The documentation you need to protect your products at the point of sale
  • Everything you need to stop those who ignore your contracts
And the part I like best - the process for reporting and taking down any owner of any site that uses anything of yours without your permission.

I also want to add, I've had perfect cooperation from foreign hosting companies when I use this process. The location of the hosting company makes no difference at all.

The secret behind this is that all hosting companies are connected to a backbone that, sooner or later, ends up in the USA. They do follow our laws.

If you already have Auto Web Law Pro, you have everything you need to protect you from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you have IPPP, you have everything you need to protect yourself from the sleeze-ball thieves who cost you money. With both, you are perfectly armed for whatever legal problem might come your way online.

You'll find much more information about the uses of IPPP at the URL below - for instance, you can protect your products BEFORE they're stolen and sold!

Now, Pay Attention!

To READ about the Intellectual Property Protection Plan (IPPP):

If you wish to purchase BOTH products (Auto Web Law Pro [AWLP] and the Intellectual Property Protection Plan [IPPP]) at the bundled price simply click to order, and the second product will be offered.

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That is a SPECIAL DISCOUNT offered to Trade Journal readers ONLY! This is especially important if you already own Auto Web Law Pro.

And the offer will only be good for a very short time!

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