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"Pay Attention or Unplug"

I was standing in line at the supermarket, last week. Some dude in front of me was standing there Twittering. It was his turn to put his groceries on the belt, and he just kept on Twittering!

I wanted to yell at him to pay the hell attention! That there is absolutely not one reason in this world why he had to Twitter in line at the grocery store!

It made me wonder what all these yahoos would do if everyone had to unplug for just one, solid week. What if everything stopped? And, I mean no cell phone calls, no texting, no computers, no iPods, iPhones, et al.

“Gee, you mean the way we used to live?”

Yeah - the way we USED to live. I imagine, at the end of a week, the mental hospitals would be full. Right now, those same mental patients are out on the streets!

They're killing themselves - and others - as they text, or talk on the phone, while driving. They're causing irreparable damage in situations where they think all they need is information on a computer - no hard copies necessary.

They're standing right in the middle of the aisles in the stores gossiping or asking someone, “Now, what did I come in here for,” on cell phones.

Sooner or later, someone doing that is going to get it right in the kidney with my umbrella! I have honestly considered getting a cane just to deal with these idiots.

Ever notice how they're always right in the middle of the aisles - with their big-ass baskets - rather than on their own side? They don't even know which side is theirs.

They seem to truly believe they have a right to block the entire world while they try to find out what kind of cereal their kid wants, rather than making a damn list, in the first place!

Well, gee, I'm getting on a roll. Guess I'd better stop before I take on “sexting.” You do not want to get me started on that!

"Are We Oblivious?"

I was on a rampage a while back about people who don't fact check their information. They just gleefully pass it along to their lists if it happens to be something they'd like to believe.

Later, I started wondering ... Why should we have to check everything we hear or read? That's absolutely sad!

Yet, it's the way of our world, today. At least in the USA, people are so caught up in their rage and racism (which is, more often than not, one and the same, whether they want to admit it, or not), they can't see what's right in front of them.

These people don't seem to see what they're doing to humanity. We're backsliding, people. We're turning into nothing but a planet of the apes with Blackberries.

Apparently, many folks only read what they want to believe - what supports their own beliefs. Now, this is normal - to a point. But, when we stop educating ourselves just to convince ourselves we're right about something, we're headed downhill.

But, the worst part is the behavior we accept as “normal.” When did we stop demanding truth from the media? When did we start accepting unacceptable behavior from media personalities, congressional members, the pharmaceutical, insurance, banking and other professions?

How did this happen? It didn't happen overnight. It's taken years of preparation to get people in this country to such a point of blindness and acceptance. The blindness comes from focusing on the hatreds rather than on what's actually happening.

I get mad at stupidity, not people's heritage, culture, color, religious or political beliefs. What I can't stand is the waste of such fine organs as brains wasted on morons who won't use them.

Maybe, just maybe, if more people paid attention and demanded better ... we wouldn't be about to implode.

Feed-Back and Comments

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It's a royal PITA! But, with your help. maybe we can get it straightened out.

Since I did receive so many comments, last week, that didn't make it to the blog, I'm going to publish just a few of them below. Some have been slightly edited for space - and to avoid World War III.

(And, BTW - it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see WW III start right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. - among our own citizens!)

Comments on "Word Perceptions"

Subject: Slanguage

Good Grief! I had NO idea that tea-bagger had the slightest sexual connotation! I thought it was a misled right wing nut-job who probably believes everything Fox Noise spews out.

Got some touchy readers, doncha?

Just for the record, I'm an independent conservative liberal, or liberal conservative depending on the issue, moderate (on most things). Glad we could clear that up...

Hang in there, baby!


Subject: You GO Girl! :-)

I'm extremely proud of you for telling it like it is. I am sick to death of media twists and tired of the herd following it off the cliff. How can anyone believe anything that's on TV or in the paper today without checking out the facts?

As my Texas grandmother used to say, "It all smells like the north end of a south bound skunk to me."

Love you and your work,

SF Quick

Subject: Apology accepted

I can't begin to tell you how relieved I was to receive your email, explaining all those horribly offensive terms and political labels.

It's so comforting to know that some people are constantly on the watch and anxious to set us straight.

To those people , I say “Let's start worrying about the actions and accomplishments of our politicians (and ourselves) rather than what label to apply.

Or put a little more to point, “Get a life!”

Keep on keepin on.

Don Shickle

Subject: Starting with an Apology

Hi jl

People are nuts aren't they? I personally love the "tea bagger" story. You should look your words up in urbandictionary.com - Now that's funny.


Subject: Starting with an Apology


Love it when you get "your back up" and come back on some of the comments!


I too was unaware of the so called definition of a "tea bagger", guess at 63 I'm too old for those things! I also subscribe to your using a dictionary to find a definition, NOT the "news media" which I no longer trust for anything but the weather.

Deen Adolphe

Subject: Apology

Whoopie, Hooray and Kudos for you! I am a Progressive Independent, too. My definition is the same one you use.

I wonder if [people] know how long England has practiced socialism without becoming communist. Progressives are not against any form of capitalism. Once again I look across the sea to England. Does capitalism flourish in that socialist nation? Certainly it does.

Closer to home, Canada has socialist health care, as do most progressive countries in the world.

One of my favorite sites is www.unclebrice.com

At the top of every page is:

"Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." - Winston Churchill

"Those who fail to learn from history are stupid." - Uncle Brice

Thanks for voicing your opinion. I share it, and applaud you for doing so.

Larry Jameson

Subject: Starting with an Apology

Morning jl

I don't guess you are going to be politically correct all the time so don't try to please everyone or you will go nuts. I personally think your newsletter is one of the best on the net.

Good day

Dan Beal

Comments on “Love is.”

Subject: Comment

First off, jl, thank you for another value packed issue of the ezine.

Secondly, I have got to tell you how much I loved your roses memories.

I am not really a "flower person" BUT the roses I have gotten that really meant something when they were given stick in my memory as well and they are just so special, both the roses and the memories.


Jan Tallent

Subject: Roses

A wonderful and moving story - both about the roses and your daughter's wedding. Thanks for sharing, and bringing back some emotional and heart warming memories. What joy our daughters bring!

Richard Rossbauer

Subject: Comments

I don't comment often, but I need to tell you how your "Valentine's" message moved me. It was beautiful, jl, and I thank you for taking the time to write it.

Thanks again for all you do and especially for this latest newsletter.

Be well -- be in peace,

Ron Rink

Subject: Starting with an Apology

Hey jl,

"Love, once born, never dies. It is eternal. It can be called upon at any time, and it will always return."

Very profound. Loved it.

Best to you, Dennis Gaskill

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