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"Are They Stealing Your Search Engine Traffic?"

I highly recommend this article by Will Bontrager. It begins:

"Your .htaccess file can be used to redirect traffic from search engines to a thief's web site.

If your site has been hacked in this way, then when someone finds you in a search engine and clicks on a link to go to your site, they are taken to the thief's site, instead.

The links in the search result go to your site, just like they're supposed to. But, your site redirects the visitor to the traffic thief's site."

As usual, Will gives you both the problem and the solution. Every online business owner - in fact, everyone who owns a web site needs to be aware of this!

Full article here:

Traffic Woes

This is another area where things need to pick up. A few years ago, iCop got thousands of visitors a day. Today, not so much. Why?

Same reason we used to get such a low rating on Alexa. Today, that rating is sky-high. I don't feel particularly bad about it because it has to do with the incredibly increased number of websites folks have to choose from.

Nevertheless, we all MUST have traffic. And, I have NO idea what to recommend to you on this.

I don't mind trying things. Some work - some don't. It ain't the end of the world if something doesn't work. It's just a lesson learned.

It's part of what I do here. I try things so you don't have to. And, I search for things that won't cost you much during this down time. I don't depend on the outcomes. To me, it's simply experimentation to save YOU time. And, if things work, I'll keep using them right along with you.

So, I'm going to try out a traffic program pretty quickly here. I'll pass the information along if I think it's worth you giving it a shot.

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