A reader sent me the following, last week:

Thanks, I take time to read this report each week. You have great advice.

I do have a beef with a lot of the email ads I get.

'Only 49.95, so easy even a 12 year old can do it. Just cut and paste, that's all. No other fees. Start making money in 15 minutes, upline help, lots of spill over.'

How many people have been falling for ads such as these?

We join and then we need to buy a domain name and buy hosting. The instructions are nowhere close to being clear. You need to be a guru to set up the site. Oh, yeah, you need to buy traffic. Maybe it's just me not understanding. I will quit ranting now.


No, Wayne, it isn't just you not understanding! Many of these programs are designed to be like that. Get the buyers in, then dump extra fees, etc. on them.

This reminds me of a term I saw recently for the first time in years - "Cash Cow." I had really hoped I'd never see that again!

I think we have to remember some of these ads are being put out by beginners. They haven't been around long enough to spot the bogus money-making programs.

The first clue is any term like “Cash Cow.” Forget it. Cows don't give cash. Never did. If you're lucky, you might be able to get some milk. If not, you'll get “cow” patties - also known as bull sh**.

So, if you're thinking about “namin' names,” be careful. Be sure you get the person at the top of the program. Try not to blame the beginner. We've all been there and most of us learned by experience.

Even then, you should consider other factors ...

When working online (or, trying to) we work in a huge environment. You'll run into a few actual head-cases and a lot of personality disorders!

You don't want to take on the wrong person - even if you're right!

You'll find this true even if YOU don't say anything to, or about, anyone. Sooner or later, if you're in business, someone will take YOU on.

Now, you have to decide how to react. Of course, the smartest thing is to ACT - NOT to react. Cooperation will work with reasonable people.

But, sometimes, you have no choice but to fight back. And, that can get real tough if you're dealing with a head-case or personality disorder.

My own rule of thumb is to ignore the head-case completely as soon as I realize what I'm dealing with. You can't win with this one, and it could be dangerous.

But, I tend to get right up in the face of the personality disorder. You may not shut them up, but you can usually make them go away and find someone easier to bully. Operative word is “usually.”

Bottom line is this: I truly believe the hype-masters, who are ripping folks off, should be exposed to protect the innocent, but I no longer make that my life's work. Unless one gets too close to me!

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