I wrote last week about why I prefer to do business (a lot of the time) with folks outside the USA. That generated a lot of comment. Some of it is on the blog - What Goes Around Comes Around - some is in my in-box.

I feel like most of the “attitude” put forth by many Americans comes from greed. It starts at the top and works its way down. I don't think anyone would argue about the extreme levels of greed in this country.

I know that some people wonder why I go after the "Big Guys" so often when I'm writing about unacceptable online behavior. It's very simple. The "Big Guys" teach the "Little Guys" what to do.

We often hear we should pick someone who is successful, and do the same things they do. I don't happen to agree with that. At least, not on the internet. Online business gets too "out of control."

People start online businesses - look at the "Big Guys" and assume that if "they" do it - it's okay. After all, they are promoted by thousands of people - and they're making tons of money. Funny how money so often commands respect where no respect is due.

I well remember a very well-known and pretty ethical online marketer discussing a huge - and not so ethical - internet marketer. He admitted what the second guy was doing, and was teaching in his marketing course, was unethical as hell.

But, the course had a huge commission. So, having said all that, he proceeded to sell the guy's course, anyway! WHAT?!

Yes - greed is a terrible thing. Often, the bigger they get, the more ruthless they become. And let's not forget they're telling people what they want to hear!

Then, of course, most folks are afraid to criticize them. Why? These people are not gods!

Please, please, please take a good look at your websites and your advertising! Is there anything there that could be called "unethical?" I promise you - you can be successful without being pond scum.

And when you are, you will be the person other people emulate. Maybe that's what it's going to take to ever clean up the internet - even a little.

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