Have you been reading the new direction many marketers are going? It's all so much alike, it gets downright confusing. As near as I can tell, after a year of not being able to sell products, now they're going to teach YOU how to sell products - for a price.

Nearly every one of them has a “new” idea about how to do that. Although I actually agree with a couple of them, it just strikes me that what I'm seeing is a lot of panic. Like, “What the hell do we do now?”

The terminology is a clue. It seems, when an industry doesn't know what else to do, they make up word meanings to make it all seem brand new. For instance:

* Big Shift
* The Wave (First used by Google.)

Both self-explanatory, but sound as if they are coming from New-Age teachings. Gimme a break!

The ones that crack me up, though, are:

* Cloud (defined "internet" - “You're in the cloud.”)
* Organic

That last one blows me away. They are trying to hook into the “green” revolution by using a word that has no meaning as it's being used.

We all know “organic” refers to natural food, natural chemicals, natural compounds. It basically means “natural.” It does NOT refer to such things as titles. How the hell does a TITLE "read organically?"

I asked the person who used it that way and the response was silence. Oh, it means the title should read naturally? Then, say so, dammit.

I guess you can tell buzz words annoy me. Using them to make oneself look bigger and brighter is just plain D-U-M. I don't recommend making yourself sound like a pompous ass.

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