Federal Communications Commission Asks Court to Dismiss Legal Challenges Filed Against Net Neutrality

Verizon Communications Inc. and Metro PCS Communications Inc. have filed challenges in a Federal Appeals Court, in District of Columbia, against the the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). They claim the FCC overstepped its legal authority last month by prohibiting phone and cable companies from interfering with traffic on their broadband networks.

The FCC has asked the court to dismiss the challenges to these new "network neutrality" regulations. The FCC argues that Verizon Communications Inc. and Metro PCS Communications Inc. filed their challenges prematurely since the new rules are not yet published.

Should the court allow the dismissal, there's little doubt the communications companies' will simply refile at the appropriate time.

This is the same court that has already ruled the FCC had overstepped in sanctioning Comcast Corp. for discriminating against online file-sharing traffic on its broadband network.

This is simply legal maneuvering. Stay tuned ...

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