New Project

Using the Power of the Internet to TAKE BACK
our Country, our Constitution and our FREEDOM!

This is a private letter only available, at this time, to invited people. That will change later - when we go public.

Over the past few weeks, I've been writing articles about what's happening in the USA with the intent to help folks be aware of how much horse pucky we're being fed by our government and politicians.

The bottom line of every article has been the freedoms we're losing by allowing the mega-corporations to OWN our government - and the world.

Some people don't believe it - some are apathetic - and some are aware but feel helpless.

I received the following from a well-read subscriber:

Hi jl,

I so share your frustration with our lost freedoms and what is happening in this country right now. I sometimes just want to leave.

I never dreamed that things could get this bad. I feel as though we are truly living in an insane asylum and the inmates are in charge. How did these people ever get into high office?

It all depresses me, distresses me, and frightens me. What can we do beyond speaking up and voting? And in light of the shenigans going on with recent voting, I no longer trust that when I cast my vote, it is counted for whom I cast it. Absolutely frightening. And I feel so powerless.

My blood boils daily.

Thanks for venting your feelings and your voice publicly. I appreciate knowing you are out there saying exactly what I'm feeling, too.



"Wake Up and Smell the Horse Pucky!"

What I propose is to empower the people of the USA to take effective action! A newsletter entitled "Just Sayin' ..." - and its new companion web site - will be a source of solutions!

(If you missed the original articles, they will be posted on the new web site.)

If you live outside the USA and are losing freedoms in your country, too - please read on,

My intention is to form a group of concerned citizens who are willing to be aware of what's happening in the USA - and overcome the fear to ACT. There's power in numbers and, even more importantly, we have the mighty power of the internet right at our fingertips!

This is it in a nutshell ... Our politicians no longer work for us. They work for the mega-corporations!

  1. Our freedoms are slowly being removed.
  2. Our Constitution, written to create a country of the people, by the people and FOR the people, is being raped.
  3. 1% of the citizenry of this country have every intention of ruling absolutely. The same 1% that has already bought and paid for our government.

We are being terrorized by our own politicians - who are OWNED by the mega-corporations.

So far, they have:

  • Taken our jobs
  • Cost us our homes
  • Ruined our economy
  • Taken away our personal privacy
  • Lowered their own taxes to zero
  • Forced us to take medications that kill us - without legal recourse
  • Removed the parental right to decide medical treatment for their children
  • Allowed insurance companies to withhold appropriate medical treatment
  • Stripped us of our legal rights
  • Made our votes meaningless
  • Allowed our infrastructure to crumble right out from under us
  • Bankrupted our government
  • Deregulated their corporations to feed their voracious appetite for money
  • Over-regulated the citizens by taking away their freedoms and forcing compliance
  • And on and on and on ...
Soon, food will become so expensive people will be unable to feed their children and many will actually starve. The price of gas will continue to be raised so folks couldn't afford to drive to a job if they had one!

Hyperinflation may well finish us off. US! The citizens of the USA! The people who built this country!

It's now obvious our government is not looking out for our best interests. What we've been witnessing this past decade has been one of the biggest cons ever perpetrated on the general public in the history of the world.

If nothing changes, nothing changes! So, WE need to bring about the change for ourselves. We can do that - each in our own business and life. We MUST be pro-active in moving forward!

"The New Web Site Will be a Place of Listing
Lost Freedoms and Proposed Solutions"

With all the information in one spot, we can easily alert those who either don't know, or who don't believe, what is happening.

With all the information in one spot, we can all see what's happening and unite, see where we need action - and TAKE that action!

Articles will continue to be written and links to other pertinent, published articles will be provided.

Sections will be built around each separate issue, i.e., Big Pharma, Environment, Loss of Legal Rights, Hyper-inflation, Tax Cuts, Food & Drug Administration, etc.

Each section will have multiple articles and links to build a full picture of what is happening. The FACTS will be in plain sight!

An International section will be added as we hear from those in other countries with similar situations.

"This is NOT a Partisan Project!"

BOTH political parties (Democrat and Republican, including the "Tea Party") must be forced to take responsibility for - and clean up - their own crap.

We need to step aside from this "divide and conquer" situation and work together! We are being conquered because of our bickering over who is "right." No ONE political party is right! It is no longer a matter of agendas - it's a matter of survival!

The PEOPLE must force these crooked politicians into doing their jobs FOR the people. We have ways of saying, "NO" they can't overcome.

Participants in this project will be invited to share information they see or hear, as well as their own thoughts. The only requirement will be that subject matter be directly related to loss of personal freedom.

The U.S. Presidential election is coming in 2012, and the horse pucky will start flying very soon. We must be especially vigilant - of both parties - once the carnival starts!

"We Will NOT be Dealing with Conspiracy Theories!"

Conspiracy theories simply muddy the water and keep folks from being aware of what it is really happening around, and to, them. They are nothing but red herrings!

There is no point in wasting time on distracting elements.

The truth - backed by FACTS - is worse than any conspiracy theory I've heard!

"If WE Do Not Take Back Our Freedom - We LOSE!"

Positive solutions will be offered and shared. These solutions can then be spread via the internet, social networks, etc. until millions of people are acting.

We DO have solutions that can be woven right into our lives! We can do things in our everyday life that WILL make a difference!

You may choose your own preferred political issue and get something done with the help of the group! Courage, conviction and support equals POWER!

Organizing the Project

All this will take a bit of time. Sections of the site need to be established and added as needed, articles need to be written, regular posts have to be made, information will need to be kept up to date and a newsletter will go out once or twice a week.

Until the site is well established with pertinent and considerable content, it will need to be kept private. This is where I need your help.

Most of my readers have been with me for years! More than subscribers, you are friends. Therefore, I don't hesitate, now, to ask for your help.

I know people hate it when they're asked to pay for something they've been receiving for free. However, this project will encompass much more than a weekly newsletter!

As with any grassroots organization, money will be needed to support it. These types of projects are time-consuming and costly! I'm going to need help and some of it will be paid help. So, I'm asking you to contribute a minimum of $27 to be a part of the initial development.

I won't put it on subscription. No automatic renewals. This will only be an initial "development contribution" to get us started. Once the site goes public (3 to 6 months) the group will run on voluntary donations.

No, it will not be a non-profit organization where you can deduct contributions. The reason for that? I don't want government having any control whatsoever over this grassroots movement. And, they DO control the non-profit corporations.

My time and effort will be considerable. This group will not interfere with Chamber of Commerce - on the Web.™ Nor, will it be a formal part of that organization. Therefore, it will need to support itself.

The group will be private to start. Only those who are willing to contribute will receive the newsletters and have access to the new web site.

This is the only place where I will be writing. The Online Business Trade Journal will only contain links to online business articles, and will, eventually, be dropped - since I can do the same thing on the Chamber web site.

In the new "Just Sayin' ..." newsletter I'll continue to entertain you as well as give you the facts. I'll even continue a few of my personal stories since I know they are enjoyed.

A little levity may help us swallow the bitter pill of truth in the USA. The best I can do is try to present it with a certain amount of humor.

And, frankly, if I don't do that for myself, you'll soon have a crazy leader!

Since the group will need to be public to grow, inform, and provide widespread solutions it, obviously, can't be a paid group once it's fully launched. However, full development could take three to six months.

Those who participate with a development contribution, now, will also be able to contribute ideas, content and comments as we build. This is YOUR chance to be in on the ground floor to DO SOMETHING!

And, I mean something more than signing bloody petitions no one reads - and that get us nothing in return but a damn form letter.

I encourage people in countries outside the USA to participate - at least by receiving the newsletter.

These issues affect everyone in every country throughout the world. Things done - or not done - in the USA have already affected the global economy and the global environment. No matter where you live on the planet, YOU have a stake in this!

Plus, I've been told citizens in other countries are also losiing freedoms. If that is true for you, this project may be of help to you, too!

People in the USA are renowned for helping those in other countries. However, we won't be able to help others if we can't help ourselves.

After making your contribution, you will be added to a new email list. You'll receive your first email newsletter issue next Monday.

You will be notified to create your password to the site as soon as it is functional. That way you can participate in the section building if you wish.

If you think this can't be done, please join us and watch until you recognize your power. Then, ACT!

A few reasons to contribute:

You love my ranting and raving.

But, more importantly:

  • You want to read, watch, and know
  • You want to help stir the pot
  • You want the truth backed by FACTS
  • You know courage, conviction and support equals POWER!
  • You want to be part of making a vital difference
  • You want to keep me honest
  • You want to be sure it remains fair
  • You want to be in on the ground floor to DO something
  • You enjoy reading me and want to continue
This is a serious project, but it can be a lot of fun! We don't have to sit around feeling helpless and scared. We can go kick some butt!

Smile  jl
jl scott, ph.d.

jl scott, ph.d.
Transitions Publishing

P.S.  Lack of interest will kill the project immediately, so contributions will need to come is right away to get us started. Time is of the essence, so we need to get started today!

You may use your credit, or debit, card or your PayPal account. You do not have to be a member of, or join, PayPal to use a credit/debit card.

(We do not take funds from government or political parties.)

To contribute the minimum $27:

To contribute additional help:

Any additional help you can give will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to contribute an additional amount, please use the button below:

Rant of the Week

"The Riots over Google Adwords"

Let me say, first, I'm mad as hell at Google. But, it's for joining with Verizon to try to control Net Neutrality. Not because of something I made up when a couple of idiots freaked out over something they didn't understand.

Here's the Story ...

Someone told a major internet marketer that Google was banning Adwords accounts for using “bridge pages.” A bridge page is clearly a page between the Google Ad, itself, and the actual sales copy. They even said so.

Advertisers are using bridge pages for all kinds of things. Some are “squeeze pages” to collect email addresses. Some go to the affiliates' sites before hitting the actual product sales page. And, there are, no doubt, other things they're used for.

You know. Bridge pages. What's so bloody hard about that?

Mind you, two people - one of whom wishes to remain anonymous (no doubt) told this marketer about the situation. And, before you know it, there's a HUGE uproar that Google is banning advertisers for sending folks to a separate domain for payment processing.

All of a sudden, they're calling PayPal, Clickbank, even your own shopping cart on a different domain, “bridge pages” and saying you'll be banned for using them.

My God. Never mind that you go to the checkout page after the sales page for the product advertised. It's:

Google Ad
Sales Page

If they were even close, the bridge page there would be the sales page - not the checkout page!

Google may be a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them! What they want to get rid of is the page between the Google Ad and the sales page, i.e.:

Google Ad
Extra Page (squeeze page - affiliate's site, etc.)
Sales Page

The extra page is the bridge page. It has not one thing to do with payment processing!

Even using the screenshot of the email received by one Google Adwords advertiser from Google does NOT show the payment page as the bridge page! The email even states which page they consider the bridge page! Yet this is the email used for "proof" that the payment page is a bridge page!

All kinds of conspiracy theories popped up like internet weeds! Not the least of which was: Google was trying to force everyone to use Google Checkout! Does no one have any reading comprehension?

[HUGE SIGH] Good grief! This stupid crap just makes me tired. Now, pay attention ...

At some point this multi-millionare internet marketer said he'll teach “work-arounds” at his upcoming seminar. Oh - REALLY? Nothing like starting a war, then selling the solution!

Later, he dropped that statement. But, not until several people started calling him on the legitimacy of the entire “problem.”

You know, if I made 10 million dollars a year, I wouldn't give a rat's ass what Google Adwords did. I'd be advertising on television!

[No, I'm not going to name him. I doubt I have to. The screaming nearly deafened me, so I'm sure you've heard about it. And, have probably gone to his site to read about it. Nice way to get traffic!]

What bowls me over is the number of folks - some of whom I've always thought to be quite intelligent - who simply accepted this horse-puky without even questioning it - much less using their heads!

Now, mind you, this question of payment pages counting as bridge pages could have been asked in the Google forums. You know - the forums where the Google reps answer.

The claim is, the question HAS been asked, and Google has refused to answer. In this case, I don't blame Google. I wouldn't answer them either. Let 'em ask their stupid questions in the correct location in the first place - not use it to generate traffic and riots against Google!

In fact, put the multi-millionaire's name in Google and the riot site comes up second. Google must be laughing their butts off at these people making fools of themselves!

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. This is the story of our lives in this day and age. People opening their big mouths and making all kinds of accusations, starting unnecessary - and nasty - controversy and setting up ugly conspiracy theories before they even have the facts!

It's all over the media! This is exactly what our insane media does every single day, now. Why? Well, to generate publicity, of course!

Monkey, see - monkey, do.

Rant of the Week

"Facts to Know & What to DO!"

This both is - and is not - a political statement. It is NOT aimed at any one party or political philosophy. I'm just sick to death of what's going on in Washington, DC.

I apologize to my readers outside the USA, but I just feel this is necessary. And, I'm going to ask readers IN the USA to send this part of the newsletter to everyone you know.

These aren't conspiracy theories. These are ...


FACT:  The U.S. House & Senate have voted themselves raises at $4,700 in the House and $5,300 in the Senate. They vote their own raises a couple years in advance so they don't have to face it every year.

FACT:  Your Medicare premiums will go up $285.60 for the two years, and you will not get the 3% Cost of Living Allowance (COLA): $660/yr. Your total two year loss and cost is - $1,600 each or $3,200 for husband and wife.

FACT:  Over two years The House & Senate each get $10,000 raises.

FACT:  Will your cost of drugs - doctor fees - local taxes - food, etc., increase? You better believe they will!

FACT:  Will theirs? No way! They have a raise and better benefits.

FACT:  Have they created the promised jobs? NO!

FACT:  Have they brought our "used-to-be" jobs back from overseas? NO!

FACT:  Have they taken a single step to start the promised repairs of the infrastructure of this country? NO!

FACT:  Have they handed billions of dollars to the very companies that created this economic mess? YES!

FACT: The Deficit Commission wants to CUT Social Security to balance the budget - while they enjoy their private retirement programs. This after people have paid into it all their lives!

FACT:  Now, they are about to continue the tax cuts for the upper income brackets. Those taxes would PAY our deficit!

FACT:  When they leave office, they'll receive their perks for LIFE. That includes their salary, insurance and retirement! The only thing they won't get are their pay-offs from big business! That's a hell of a Golden Parachute!

Do You Feel Screwed?

Why care about you? You never did anything about it in the past. You're obviously too stupid or don't care. No offense; that's their attitude!

Do you really think there's a single person in Congress who cares about you?

FIRE the Bastards!

In 2010, you have a chance to get rid of the sitting Congress. That is: 1/3 of the Senate and 100% of the House.

Although he needs to go, too, don't blame it on the President! There is only one of him - and 535 members of Congress! We can throw out 468 of them, NOW!

Then, since he can't seem to keep his word about anything - not even about getting his girls a rescue dog - the President can go in 2012!

Put your attention where it needs to go NOW. Send the message to Congress ... "You're FIRED!"

Then, be sure you're still mad enough in November to tell their replacements not to screw up!

Random Rants

"Pay Attention or Unplug"

I was standing in line at the supermarket, last week. Some dude in front of me was standing there Twittering. It was his turn to put his groceries on the belt, and he just kept on Twittering!

I wanted to yell at him to pay the hell attention! That there is absolutely not one reason in this world why he had to Twitter in line at the grocery store!

It made me wonder what all these yahoos would do if everyone had to unplug for just one, solid week. What if everything stopped? And, I mean no cell phone calls, no texting, no computers, no iPods, iPhones, et al.

“Gee, you mean the way we used to live?”

Yeah - the way we USED to live. I imagine, at the end of a week, the mental hospitals would be full. Right now, those same mental patients are out on the streets!

They're killing themselves - and others - as they text, or talk on the phone, while driving. They're causing irreparable damage in situations where they think all they need is information on a computer - no hard copies necessary.

They're standing right in the middle of the aisles in the stores gossiping or asking someone, “Now, what did I come in here for,” on cell phones.

Sooner or later, someone doing that is going to get it right in the kidney with my umbrella! I have honestly considered getting a cane just to deal with these idiots.

Ever notice how they're always right in the middle of the aisles - with their big-ass baskets - rather than on their own side? They don't even know which side is theirs.

They seem to truly believe they have a right to block the entire world while they try to find out what kind of cereal their kid wants, rather than making a damn list, in the first place!

Well, gee, I'm getting on a roll. Guess I'd better stop before I take on “sexting.” You do not want to get me started on that!

"Are We Oblivious?"

I was on a rampage a while back about people who don't fact check their information. They just gleefully pass it along to their lists if it happens to be something they'd like to believe.

Later, I started wondering ... Why should we have to check everything we hear or read? That's absolutely sad!

Yet, it's the way of our world, today. At least in the USA, people are so caught up in their rage and racism (which is, more often than not, one and the same, whether they want to admit it, or not), they can't see what's right in front of them.

These people don't seem to see what they're doing to humanity. We're backsliding, people. We're turning into nothing but a planet of the apes with Blackberries.

Apparently, many folks only read what they want to believe - what supports their own beliefs. Now, this is normal - to a point. But, when we stop educating ourselves just to convince ourselves we're right about something, we're headed downhill.

But, the worst part is the behavior we accept as “normal.” When did we stop demanding truth from the media? When did we start accepting unacceptable behavior from media personalities, congressional members, the pharmaceutical, insurance, banking and other professions?

How did this happen? It didn't happen overnight. It's taken years of preparation to get people in this country to such a point of blindness and acceptance. The blindness comes from focusing on the hatreds rather than on what's actually happening.

I get mad at stupidity, not people's heritage, culture, color, religious or political beliefs. What I can't stand is the waste of such fine organs as brains wasted on morons who won't use them.

Maybe, just maybe, if more people paid attention and demanded better ... we wouldn't be about to implode.

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